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Avatars will guide you on your way to fight diabetes.


Healthy life style support and diabetes compensation.

Mobile technology

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All important information in one place.

Data Wireless Transfer

Automatic transfer of glycemia, blood pressure and weight


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Food weigthing

Transfer weigts from kitchen to smarthpone

Interaction with GP

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Energy bilance

Calculate caloric intake and outtake.


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Further information

Application goals

The aim of the MOBIAB application is to improve self-management of diabetes mellitus (DM) and to reduce subsequent complications using an educational effect of mobile technology and artificial intelligence algorithms. DM is a chronic disease with high morbidity and mortality. The incidence of DM has shown strong growth in the last decade. Currently, according to International Diabetes Federation, an estimated 381 million people had diabetes. This number is estimated to almost double by 2030.

Standard therapy

Standard therapy of diabetes is based on three pillars: insulin, diet and physical activity. A prerequisite for successful treatment in addition to proficiency and skills of health personnel is particularly provison of education and positive motivation of patient. Effect of diet on blood glucose should be regularly checked by self-monitoring, i.e. measuring blood glucose using a glucometer. Self-monitoring of blood glucose levels allows instant detection of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, and is further a confirmation of the correctness of treatment process.

Patients are educated how to respond to the measured values by adjusting diet, movement and treatment regimen and thus achieve the best possible diabetes compensation. Patient should know the carbohydrate, fat and energy content of foods. Dietary treatment of patients with diabetes as part of a comprehensive therapy provides a diabetologist in cooperation with doctoe and educational sister. To improve patient compliance in dietary treatment is necessary to determine the individual goals. The compliance with goals should be continuously monitored. The proposed system reflects this standard treatment by integrating modules for monitoring food intake, physical activity levels, blood glucose and data visualization (e.g. glycemic profile in the last week).


The additive value of the application is:

  • Patient’s motivation is supported via collecting poins and exchanging these points in an e-shop application for virtual and real goods
  • virtual accompany is applied in forms of avatars, who guide users during diabetes self-management
  • values from glucometer, blood pressure monitor, kitchen or personal scales are wireless transferred via bluetooth to mobile device